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Inline XML (Extensible Markup Language)


Well, since there is a lot of talking about semantics out there (we had a discussion about navigation lists and headings here as well) and XHTML 2.0 is still far away (it introduces the nl element for navigation lists), I tried the following as a part of my XHTML-course assignment.

I applied some inline XML to create a customized navigation list.
Now, it works in IE6, Mozilla 1.4 and Opera 7.x (both Win). Unfortunately these browsers treat it as text/html. This is everything, but no HTML-file. So I changed the Content-Type, and guess what?
Well, IE makes a mess of it, Mozilla doesn't apply the styles (wondered about that). The only UA that renders it well (or at least as I expected ;)) is Opera. You might want to take a look.

MIME Type: text/html
MIME Type: application/xml
MIME Type: text/xml
MIME Type: application/xhtml+xml

Don't blame me, this is my first try with inline XML ;). Is this a browser issue, or have I done something wrong? The example shown in a sample file referring to an A List Apart article worked well in Mozilla and was served as application/xml, so I wondered about this all....

...and yes, I know the sample files are not valid XHTML.


Anne van Kesteren:

You should actually use CSS3 selectors ;). \: is out of date, but you made some great tests.

One question though, why didn't you use XHTML2.0 nl and the label element. You could have used the XHTML2.0 namespace and don't bother about creating elements yourself. W3C is currently offline, but you should find the selectors here (I think): www.w3.org/tr/css3-selectors/

Posted: 09/15/2003

Minz Meyer:

Of course I am aware of the nl element and the selectors you mentioned. But neither the XHTML 2.0 nor CSS3 are currently recommendations, so I went away with the given specifications.

But you are right, maybe a navigation list wasn't the best choice for my samples...

Posted: 09/15/2003


I found it!

/: seems to be invalid, see this Mozilla bug

PS: I didn't searched 15 days for this, just wanted to know today :).

Posted: 09/24/2003

Minz Meyer:

Well, thank you Anne (once again ;)) for this one.

I wouldn't call it invalid, it is more a kind of a fallback solution.
I'll take together all I have gathered so far and summarize it in a new entry.

Posted: 09/24/2003