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About Minz

Portrait picture of MinzThilo Meyer
aka Minz Meyer

DTP-Designer (AfK)

Born: March 26th, 1971
Married, 2 children

Web-Designer, CSS-maniac, Accessibility-Consultant

Why Minz?

The name Minz was given to me during my school-time (back in 1988) without a certain purpose. It stayed with me a very long time, being my nickname, then it became my pseudonym (artist name from 1993 to 1998), it was the name of my DTP-Design company (1999 to 2000; Minz Art & Publishing) and it is my web-nick since my first encounter with the WWW (back in 1997).

What is Minz doing here?

I have set up this website as a sort of electronic calling card, to share my thoughts, show my passions, demonstrate my skills and create a reflection of what or who I am. I hope you enjoy it!


Landscape picture of my homeShown on the picture, you see the headquarters of minzweb.de.

The village is called Einöd (administrative, it is a part of Aspach) and lies about 30 kilometres northern to Stuttgart/South Germany.
Population: 80.
And, yes, we do have internet access.


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