Minz. Out of the box



Hello again, all you out there...

Well, continuity about this site's development got stuck for a while.I had to finish several small jobs for some friends of mine. With one of these, Karl Haak, I "brain-stormed" some good ideas for a forthcoming partnership in Webdevelopment. We both came to the decision to startup as self-employed the next few months.

You may say, this is not the right time regarding economy in this country, but I think I wasted a lot of time doing things which didn't really satisfy me the last couple of years. So it is time for a change.

We have set up a pretty cool css-based, triple-A, forward-compatible layout for Karl's forthcoming webpage It's not yet online, but I will keep you informed about that.
(BTW, talking about forward-compatibility, please be sure to order your own copy of Jeffrey Zeldman's Designing with web standards. It is really worth taking a look (or two, or three....).