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CSS Validator broken again?


I encountered some strange things with W3Cs CSS- Validator the last couple of days. Consider this invalid piece of CSS:
border: 1px solid c85;
Should produce an error when you pass it through the validator. Well it doesn't. At least not in all cases. Please make sure you read my test report.

When you are validating a CSS file via the validator, you can chose the following options:
Warnings, CSS Profile and the Media Type. Your choices are added to the validation URI like so:

If you are having all of them in your URI, the invalid CSS will pass with flying flags.
I decided to play around with the URL parameters, and finally got nailed it down:

It's the &usermedium parameter. Remove it, and the error is spotted. Add it, and your CSS passes.
Nice trick, now I know how to make all my broken CSS-files valid ;))

Kidding aside. Could this be due to the fact that the validation team fixed an error regarding usermedium?
If so, they fixed an error that actually wasn't an error and produced a somewhat more serious error.

Thoughts and ideas, anyone?