Minz. Out of the box

The last two weeks


Have been actually promising. We finished WAI-tweaking at Maharanis and I think most parts of the site should be now WAI-AA.

IWA/HWG news

I just applied the Web Technologies Certificate from the IWA/HWG. This means I succesfully finished at least 5 courses focusing on the themes of Markup, Style and Accessibility.

But other great news arrived at this front. I was very honored when they asked me to instruct one of their CSS courses. So I am happy to announce that I will be co-instructing the Intermediate CSS-Workshop with the fabulous Chimene Long. The next session of the course starts March, 1st. If you want to have a short description of what it is about, take a look at the Syllabus.

Word Press Style Competition

Screenshot of my Competition Entry

I participated at the Word Press Style Competition. It was really great fun. Due to its new popularity I chose the planet Mars being the main topic of my theme. Normally, I don't like the colour brown that much, so it was really difficult to find the right color combinations.

But, it was a quick shot, and I am quite satisfied with the result.

Work examples

minz.info. The business page. This is hard, especially to come up with the right content. Do you find it also that tough to write something about yourself?

Screenshot of the forthcoming minz.info

Hopefully, the site will be finished within the next week. I'll kepp you informed.

Tauchtreff Neptun. This one was done during a night-session with a close friend of mine. A page about scuba-diving.

Screenshot of the Tauchtreff Neptun Homepage

This is just a brief design-template. There is a weblog planned and I am looking forward to style the rest of the site.



Vielleicht kennst Du ja jemanden, der Dir beim Texten hilft. Jemand der den Akku so richtig voll hat, wenn Du verstehst, was ich mein ;-)

Posted: 02/09/2004

Ben de Groot:

Minz, congratulations on your WordPress design. I think it is the best, and I don't understand why you didn't get a prize. Oh well, we'll have to do with an honourable mention then, which is fun as well...

Posted: 02/11/2004

Paul - SteelerDirtFreak:

I just want to say thank you for the wonderful WordPress design. It is incredible. I am very new to WordPress and I found your design while browsing looking for interesting things to do with it. I've applied it to my site and I am putting a link in to you. Thank you.

Posted: 03/22/2004