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As I told several times before, there will be a business site as well (apart from minzweb.de).

Now it is coming to life, and I am wondering if it is adequate for a german site focusing on web accessibility to use a quotation of a former american president as an intro? What do you think?

Nonetheless, the first design approaches can be found right now at the Researchkitchen. I tried some different color combinations this time, used XHTML 1.1 and some high-speed CSS.

Tell me what you think. If you have got a MAC, I am very intersted if it renders okay here.



Is voll oke!
Nur ausgerechnet Clinton?
Der hat doch auch noch ne andere "accessibility".......... ;)

Dann "bin isch doch lieber ein Berliner"!

Posted: 07/28/2003