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Official Launch


Today Minzweb.de was officially launched. It took nearly 3 months from early layout drafts to this final version. This was due to the alternate stylesheets as well as to the two language versions. Nonetheless, it's not yet perfect, I guess. We shall see.

I'd like to thank all these kind people helping me bringing this site to life. They were Karl Haak, Tilo Fissl, Scott Montgomery, René Rowland and Kynn Bartlett.

Have fun browsing through all corners of my personal web and please come back from time to time.

I am looking forward reading your comments, guestbook entries and e-mails.




Hallo Minz,
Respekt - klarer Aufbau und ausbaufähige Inhalte! Was mir ein wenig fehlt ist die Rubrik: talkin' bout glory days, z.B. graymalkin.de ;-)

Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und freue mich auf eventuell mögliche Zusammenarbeit.
Grüße - Robby

P.S Und wenn jemand auf der Suche nach einer wirklich guten Werbeagentur ist, feel free to enter: tswa.de

Posted: 07/22/2003

Karl Haak:

Another fine example of excellent layout and design by the power of XHTML and CSS. I am very happy to see this website focusing on content and clear structure.

It is nice to see your smooth use of the <link rel=> Tag. Finally someone who makes the effort to bring us to the point where we should have been years ago. (Although still not supported by Win IE).

Your RSS-Feed has already been added to my reader. Looking forward to more information from this address.

Karl Haak

Posted: 07/22/2003

Minz Meyer:

Die glory days werden teilweise behandelt unter Persönlich --> Leidenschaft.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words. Keep on going with your own website. I am looking forward exploring it!!

Posted: 07/23/2003

Hank Marquardt:

Hey Minz --

Nice job, after all we've been through, how did you end up on the dark side??? (asp I'm referring to!) :)

Posted: 08/25/2003