Minz. Out of the box



As you might see in the footer, I claim to have valid CSS throughout my site.

Well, I just have to admit, keeping in mind that some of you may run my files through the W3C-Validator, that this is only partial true. To be precise. Validating my files you will have one error and a lot of redefinition warnings displayed.

How come?

To identify external and internal links and displaying the correct URL I used a CSS3 Selector in my printer stylesheet. The validator usually checks against CSS2 profile, and therefore doesn't recognize the selector being correct syntax. The page gets validated when it is checked against the CSS3 profile. You can test this by changing the last figure of the URL-string &profile=css2 to &profile=css3.

About the redefinition warnings. This one is very odd. Having the printer stylesheet linked with <link rel="alternate"> I get these redefiniton warnings. Changing the DOCTYPE from XHTML to HTML, the warnings disappear. Hmmmm, has anyone an explanation to this? Another possibility is to link the printer stylesheet with @import, but then Internet Explorer 5 on MAC ignores it.

So I kept it, like it is, just wanted to let you know...