Minz. Out of the box

Studying and Lurking


So, here we are again. A long time since my last entry. What happened?

My CSS-Workshop-Class is finished now. It was really great. Thanks again to our great instructors and my fellow classmates. Twas a great experience, and I learned a lot of things. Feel free, everybody who is interested in learning CSS from some experts to join this course: H152 Intermediate CSS-Workshop

The Accessible Web Design Course is just about to be finished, I just have to send in my last assignment. It was also a great course, although it turned out to be an english writing course for me. Hopefully, my english starts to be more and more readable. BTW, I signed in at One-Word-A-Day, which really is a great service, providing you an english word everyday in via e-mail. I wish it would exist in german as well.

Last monday I signed in at HWG's XHTML Introduction Course just to refresh my HTML-skills, which (I discovered this during the Accessible Webdesign Course) seem to be a bit deprecated.

Hmmm, today I learned that lurking my dear teacher Scott Montgomery's missive blog will certainly cost me $139.95 per year, but unfortunately I haven't yet found how to subscribe properly :))). Scott also posted a link to my website......ooops.....which really is bringing me into trouble......I'll have to speed up finishing it :))) Well, I'll do my very best, and the next week I hope to get a lot of the content filled. Probably I'll have more english than german readers in these days, so I am focusing on finishing the english version first.

Next tuesday, I am going to start my studies about disabled people and their way to communicate with the internet. I'll visit the Bodelschwingh-Schule in Murrhardt. It is the school of my son and a great home for children with physical and mental disabilities. Looking forward to that.